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This 21-watt resistor offered by BARRACUDA is in CNC aluminum for better heat dissipation, and is the electronic component required for the correct and regular flashing of BARRACUDA's LED INDICATORS.

NOTE: The pair of LED indicators need only one resistor for proper functioning.
Resistors are electronic components indispensable for the correct flashing of LED indicators, resistor are indispensable when the original system of motorbike have lamp indicators and you choose to install LED indicators. Motorbikes that have the original system in LED, you don't need resistor to fix other LED indicator not original. The resistor are in 2 different type: 21 watt or 10 watt, because motorbikes have 21 or 10 watt system (99% of motorbike in the market); than exist some special motorbikes (1% of the market) that need special resistor to calibrate in signle case with a technic study. The resistor must be fixed in series between the indicators and the motorbike system to absorb the excess power and put it correct to the new LED indicator system. The resistor produce a warm because they absorb power, so we advice to apply the resistor far from soft plastic parts of motorbike; the best solution is to aplly on the chassy of your bike. Any further question o technic needed, we please you to contact us at: tecnico@barracudamoto.it

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