Idea b-lux measure



Fits to: Universal - Indicators

Universal, E-marked
The IDEA B-LUX are E-marked LED indicators with optical glass to optimize the brightness.

They have simple but futuristic lines, small dimensions and they offer a vantguard design.

The IDEA B-LUX are in BLACK colour (with abs body) and also in DIFFERENT COLOURS (with ALUMINUM body): RED, SILVER, GOLD, GREEN, and BLUE.

They are sold in pairs.

Designed by Barracuda in Italy

BARRACUDA's LED INDICATORS are universal and compatible with all the motorbike in the market. Each motorbike has a specific system therefore it requires an adaptation. - motorbikes with 10 watt system need 10 WATT RESISTOR to adjust the functioning and flashing - motorbikes with 21 watt system need 21 WATT RESISTOR to adjust the functioning and flashing - motorbikes with original LED system don't need resistor These consideration are general and concern 99% of motorbikes on the market, but there are also certain motorbikes that have different technical features and they will need specific electrical adapters to be evaluated case by case and need professional technical support about the functioning For the BEST INSTALLATION we advise buying: - BRACKET INDICATORS for the fixing of indicators on the motorbike - RESISTOR (look above) - INDICATORS CABLES for the connection of indicators to the original system without making changes or cuts to the original cables or connectors For any further information or technical requirements, we please you to ask to our TECHNICAL OFFICE sending a mail to:

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